Vilija Povilaitytė

The Self-feeling of the Breakfast Egg


This work has sought the meaning in the ordinary, everyday places – in the kitchen. An ordinary action, easily recognizable by everyone, repeated day after day – breakfast. The main dish of the breakfast – boiled egg – an object surrounded by legends and symbolism. The work attempted to stop this moment, to capture it and to examine.

The triptych The self-feeling of the breakfast egg consists of three parts: Situation. Breakfast; Action. The egg; and Action. The first person.

In the first part Situation. Breakfast I present the kitchen. It is quite ordinary, unremarkable, grey kitchen that everyone is so used to, where, it seems, nothing interesting ever happens, however, if we go deeper, we can find miracles. The kitchen shows us pots, utensils, running water, boiling kettle – the usual kitchen breakfast situation. The minor, but important main dish – the breakfast egg – is in the centre of the work.

The second part of the triptych Action. The egg captures the action – the egg broken with the spoon. The action itself is suspended, captures as if never-ending repeating circle.

In the third part Action. The first person the viewer may feel himself/herself as that beaten egg.

All these works together form that self-feeling of the breakfast egg that everyone may feel and interpret in their own way. The interpretation can also be witty – by personalizing the object which usually does not have too much importance in a kitchen situation – and painful as well – by understanding that sometimes we get into the same hopeless situation like this breakfast egg eaten by us.

In can tell a lot about this work; it is fascinating and uncomfortable at the same time; it is annoying and capturing your eye; it is as if stopped and forever and ever on repeat. Nevertheless, this work continues living its life and the final interpretation belongs to the viewer.


Techniques: digital jacquard weave, video

Materials: wool, polyester

Dimensions: 66 x 276 cm