Lina Bartkutė

Being-There Being-From-Elsewhere


I am a “participant observer - someone perpetually looking in through the window of another culture, who is both observer and participant.” (1)

Being far from home for a long time gives a great distance to look at one’s country differently. Among a bunch of nostalgic emotions you can find yourself being restless and searching for your roots, ancestors, history and even become interested in politics. You start questioning, (re)evaluating your national, cultural and personal identity.

A constant state of finding myself “being homesick for a place that doesn’t exist” led me to this exploration and research, where I tried to understand – who am I and where do I belong?

With my work I want to examine experiences that play their part in a collective memory and understanding of concepts such as home, belonging and identity. By constructing real or imagined memories I explore how art can talk about the historical identity and represent cultural memory today. I try to offer ways of seeing the past, present and future rather than give knowledge of the way things were or are.

To summarize the work, I borrowed the title from Farhang Erfani essay “Being-There and Being-From-Elsewhere: An Existential-Analytic of Exile” where she explores the concept of being exiled, juxtaposing it to Heidegger’s discussion of Being.

(1) “The philosopher as exile” by Michael A. Peter


Technique: digital jacquard weave, woven at Innvik Sellgren AS in Norway

Materials, objects: wool, wooden frame, felted boot

Dimensions: variable size