Karina Siegmund

The Waterfall


The Waterfall is a tapestry, handwoven on a digital weaving loom. A video of a waterfall scene, is projected onto the tapestry.

The video shows a scene of a waterfall at the West coast of Norway. The pattern of the tapestry is the same motive being projected onto it. It is a pattern in motion.

The warp material is yarn made out of paper. The weaving contains lots of loose yarn, giving the association of water spray and falling water.

Recycled plastic yarn is being used for the weft material, reflecting the video projection light rays, and turning it into water.

Elements of weather, like rain, snow, clouds are fascinating elements for me, and are the inspiration for my work. They are the pattern/motive for my tapestry. I capture them via taking pictures, recording video and sound. Back home in my studio I work with this material and combine it with the textile media. The pattern/motive of the tapestry is the photograph or video-still taken from the very place, - later the same motive is projected onto the tapestry. The choice of materials and weaving technique is contributing to how the projection of video or light will colour the work.

I work with a traditional craft, - weaving, and combine it with todays tech-nology, -innovative materials, audiovisual media, using impressions of eve-ryday life to create its pattern.

Technique: digital jacquard weave on TC1 loom

Materials: warp: paperyarn, weft: recycled colored plastic foil

Dimensions: 75 x 155 cm