Kari Dyrdal



The work Weights belongs to series of works called Jacquard Stories and created in 2009-2011.

Jacquard Stories is a series where the factual and the illusionistic are evident. I made a point of clarity. In search of the explicit, elements are cropped and enlarged in a way that can make them appear more real than life itself.

These works are based on my photographs of the old Jacquard looms and other tools required to produce textiles. By choosing them as motifs, the craftswoman’s fascination with tools and process is revealed.

Jacquard Knots, Punch Cards, Lingo, Weights and Rollers are the titles of some other works. The title Jacquard Stories also refers to what can be created in a woven material on the Jacquard loom’s own terms but using renewed technology. The circle is closed.

The works differ from the orderly patterned surfaces by not having a single motif that is repeated in a system. The division of the surface and the repetition of apparently identical individual elements nevertheless insist on being interpreted as a pattern and illustrate the strength of repetition and volume that repetitive patterns always have.

The work Weight was shown at the 4th Riga International Textile and Art Triennale in 2010 and received Special Price from the Latvian Art Museum.

Technique: digital jacquard weave

Materials: cotton, linen, viscose

Dimensions: 160 x 270 cm