Jon Pettersen

Simul Virum


Jon Pettersen’s research-based practice has particularly focused on the artistic aspects of Jacquard weaving. During his work as a textile designer through four decades, he has experienced the change of methods, from the manual punching of cards, to the present digital versions of the same.

The artistic possibilities followed by this new technology gave him a reason to step out of the commercial frameworks and explore the art of weaving on his own premises. Through the latest years the project “Throw. Textiles in motion” has given direction to his research as well as a wide range of results for exhibitions in Norway:

Fredrikstad Art Society, Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum (NNKM) in Tromsø, Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum (SFKM) in Førde and Vestlandske Kunstindustrimuseum (KODE 1) in Bergen, Boiler Room Gallery (Oslo), Galleri Format (Oslo).

His main interest is textile as a fabric or as the objects in which the functional aspects are part of the framework. The relation to the human body and environment challenge him to make his works important for the owner in a long-term perspective. His intentions are to combine a personal touch with a small-scale production taking care of the high quality in material as well as the visual outcome. The process includes the building of special weave constructions to achieve the optimal result.

As associate professor at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design he has introduced the knowledge of jacquard into the art education from early on. Today this institution attracts students into this subject from many countries. Using manual digital looms like TC-1 and TC-2 at the studio the students also have access to industrial looms. The good relation and co-operation with the Textile Museum in Tilburg as well as companies like Innvik Sellgren AS in Norway makes this possible.

The present work is the result of the experimental process linked to the project “Throw. Textiles in motion”. The high density and following big number of pixels in the motive pushed the limits of the actual loom’s capacity. The motive can be seen as a reflection of the state of artistic ‘flow’ which can occur when conditions are perfect for freedom in expressions and human relations.

Technique: digital jacquard weave, woven in Thailand

Material: natural silk

Dimensions: 140 x 165 cm