Ingeborg Annie Lindahl

The conservation of Man and the death of the Material Girl


I sit here with caveman genes and skins spinning the red thread on my word document. Thinking of digitization of life and how the pursuit of eternal progress has brought Man here. I look at the archive like a kind of archaeological hierarchical system, and the internet is like a mine. The background for this piece is thoughts about how we, as humans archive, preserve and appreciate life.

My focus has been on our paradoxical relationship with the nature and the role of technology in the environment. How the human species need power and control over everything - from nature to cyberspace. To me it seems like a hypocritical game: The green missionaries hype and current thoughts about conservation. "We save our own ass as we know it." The human intention by conservation seems to be to bring nature into eternity, and preserve conditions as they are now with regards to nature, resources and power hierarchy.

To quote Johan Arne Vetlesen "The pursuit of progress is equal to collective suicide.”

The installation consists of:

  • punch cards from Old Innvik Ullvarefabrikk. Joseph Marie Jacquard invented a method for the manufacture of textiles, which were controlled (programmed) by the hole cards, and is recognized as an important step in the development of the computer;

  • Olivine and video from Lefdal Mine, 20 minutes. Lefdal mine is the world’s largest underground mine olivine, which is used in sandblasting in raw iron industry and on the seabed to link up heavy metals and POPs. The plan of the project "Lefdal Mine" is to build a leading data centre for cloud computing and green computing operation in the olivine mine. Project "Lefdal Mine" is developed by Local Host AS. The mine will be used as a large scale data storage centre while Sibelco Nordic AS will continue recovery of olivine.

  • Textile 1.5m x 11m, from Innvik Selgren AS. Design: Screen Shoot YouTube video to the song "Going Underground" by The Jam, woven with an electronically controlled Jacquard loom.


Techniques: digital jacquard weave, video

Materials, objects: wool, punch cards

Dimensions: variable size