Julius Žėkas / Žydrė Ridulytė / Algis Sakalauskas / Rūta Vitkauskaitė



The project of synthesis of science, art and technology (SAT).

The actualization of the national values is the main wire of our identity, and the language of synthesis is the voice of today. By the expression of interdisciplinary synthesis of science (physics, acoustics, phonology, etc.), art (textile, music, poetry, etc.) and technology (spectrographic analysis, jacquard weaving, optics technologies, illuminations, installations, etc.), one of the fundamental national symbols – the anthem – is presented.

The installation The National Hymn consists of the strip of the spectrogram analysis of the sound expressed by jacquard weaving of the anthem published by Vincas Kudirka more than 100 years ago; the strip, with the help of laser illumination and dynamic installation, ‘cuts’ the view at the present moment, i.e. the spectator has the possibility to hear and see qualitative changes of the sound here and now.

Anthem: The National Hymn by Vincas Kudirka. Performed by the Kaunas State Choir and the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra, 1989

Duration: 96 seconds of the anthem and 2 seconds of silence

Fabric: 70 x 314 cm. Computerized Jacquard weaving. Threads - pitch of a tone, strands - moments of time. Red colour - tones of the lowest intensity, blue colour - tones of the highest intensity

Laser beam: active element - GaAs laser diode, continuous wave (CW), colour - red (630 nm), power - 1mW

Principle of operation: a laser beam is seen as a 70 cm line which moves by the outer surface of the installation marking the fragment played at that moment in the spectral diagram of the anthem