Hilde Hauan Johnsen



This is the third artwork from a series I call Behind the curtain. Portrait of two sisters and one brother is a topic I have worked with several times during the last twenty years.

This time I have chosen Jacquard loom weaving as the technique and yarn of wool as the material.

Siblings as a specific group are seen as an exciting research field for many sociologists and psychologists. The supports the siblings give each other on one hand are unique and in the next moment, no one can quarrel more loudly. These aspects are exciting, but I will here look into what actually happens in the portraits, the double-sided tapestry.

I have chosen to create a double image. From one side the audience sees three serious young people and on the other side they laugh all three cordial. Depending on which side you first look at will give you the opportunity to interpret or experience the art-work differently.

The first work in my art series Behind the curtain is a silk curtain covering a window (3 meters high and 1.5 m wide). The glass openings in the window are printed with photochromic print paste on the silk curtain and the printed pattern will only emerge when the sun shines on the curtain. The UV rays from the sun evokes the pattern. There is something hidden in the silk curtain. The Curtain (Gardin) was made for the exhibition SOFT TEXTILES at Gallery 3, 14 in Bergen in 2011.

The second work is a tapestry The Drapes (Forheng), 3.5 m high and 1.5 m wide, wo-ven at Innvik/Selgren weaving mill. The tapestry was first shown at TECH-STYLE, the opening exhibition at the new Art Museum in Sogn og Fjordane in 2012. The image was a photo of drapes at a courtroom in Tromsø Courthouse. It was important for me to address all the people involved in making the tapestry, from the photo assistant, the artist helping preparing the image for the digital loom and the technician at the factory that helped me to conduct the work. So again behind the curtain there is a larger narrative.

This third artwork Siblings (Søsken) carries other stories than we immediately see and interpret, the stories remain in the carpet and within the two images.

Technique: digital jacquard weave

Materials: wool

Dimensions: 2 x 100 x 155 cm