Gabrielė Paškauskaitė



Textile and sound installation Forest is a synthesis of music, textile and modern technology, in which I wanted to combine my passion for music and textile as well as to allow the viewer to touch, to listen, to understand.

I chose the motif of forest accidentally, when walking in the pinewoods of Nida I noticed the single rhythm of the trees which I followed while listening to the music. I stopped and turned around and the entire forest panorama became a kind of rhythm and the trees mimicked the mu-sical notes. I took the 360-degree photo of the forest panorama and noticed that a certain line of the video which I depicted in my work, may be associated with the stave while the height, thick-ness and density of trees – with the notes. The nearest trees are the minims, a little bit further are crotchets, quavers, while the farthest small trees are semiquavers. After converting the video into black and white, it became even more akin to the sheet music, piano keys. I chose this panorama as the clearest example for my interpretation.

I chose computer Jacquard technique as the most useful technique to implement my idea and placed my 360 degrees into the fabric 18 meters long. I played the melody, turned it into a digit with the help of the computer and recorded in the sensor, which, if affected by a person, automatically plays the music.

In order to create an intimate space between the viewer and the installation, I chose the motif of the spiral. Entering into the spiral is a sort of a journey through the forest, where one hears the melody dictated by it, without any interpretations.

With this work I want to convince the viewer of the singularity, non-coincidence of the nature and inspire to observe and look for the unseen, but perfectly comprehensible interpretations with the surroundings.


Technique: digital jacquard weave

Materials: polyester

Dimensions: 62 x 1900 cm