Ernesta Dikinytė

Cover / Function - Anti-function


I wanted to create an unconventional, unique anti-functional fabric, which would be not just a fabric that can be classified: for instance, curtain fabric, furniture fabric, fabric for tablecloths, etc. I started experi-menting with unconventional materials and I asked myself: Why fabric cannot be metal? My purpose was to approach the fabric unconventionally; I wanted to test other technologies, to use different materials that have not been used so far in this field, and one of my tests was pins pricked on artificial leather. I became involved in this test due to its interactivity; I wanted to touch it, move it, watch the play of light on the surface of the pins. The interesting thing was that the densely pricked pins reminded of a fur.

I started this work without a clear idea or concept, but knowing for sure I have to do it. Since my starting point was an unconventional fabric, I decided to make it of a standard size. In order to increase suggestibility, I knew that a small sample would not provide a sufficient impression. The width of the fabric was dictated by the width of the artificial leather, while the length was chosen on the basis of a standard cover.

While pin pricking, I was tormented by questions: why I was doing it? What was my purpose? But I could not find the answer. I just pricked because intuitively I felt I had to prick. At the time I did not understand the importance of the process itself. Only after completion I realized the what’s and why’s. Mechanical pin pricking distracted me from the creative thoughts; it was like meditation, disconnecting me from my surroundings. Thus, the very process became significant and very meaningful to me as an artist. With this work I invite the viewer to focus on the artist’s process of creation. This process is far from pleasant, it is not just a possibility to express your thoughts, it is an intricate process, where one feels like one is sitting as if on pins and needles, where one wants to say something meaningful, but cannot find the right words, cannot purify the idea and express oneself properly. When one feels that the idea is so close but at the same time impossible to grasp or express. It is a state where one’s every nerve is sensitized and with every move irritation concentrates in different place.

This is just an illusion, at first glance it looks like a soft fur, thrown on a cosy armchair, where one can sit and think calmly, but actually it is a cover stuck with thousands of pins - sharp, prickly and unpleasant. Though paradoxically, the artist choses to sit on this armchair, experience the same over and over again, but every time differently.

While pin pricking and watching the play of light on their surface I realized I had to transfer this image to another matter. Therefore, the next stage was weaving the photograph of pins with jacquard technology. I zoomed the image in order to focus the viewer’s attention on the details, on the change of image along with the changing lighting. Although the depicted object is cold and sharp, its image is softened namely with the help of jacquard. The work is both the continuation and the work living its separate life.

Technique: mechanical (manual) pin pricking on leather, digital jacquard weave

Materials: artificial leather, pins, polyester

Dimensions: 140 x 200 cm, 2 x 50 x 70 cm