Anne Marte Dyvi / Idun Aune

Warp and Weft


Warp and Weft is a sound and video installation projected on woven textiles in the gallery space. The projection shows a white screen with a 200 year old wooden loom, a woman operating the loom, a table with electronic devices and a woman operating these behind it. The sound is the recordings from the weaving and the wooden machine one of the woman is operating. The imagery is shifting constantly, because the lighting of the motif is changing direction and strength. Sound and light are operated by the artist Anne Marthe Dyvi, the other one of the woman projected. Anne Marthe Dyvi invited artist Idunn Aune Forland to weave and – together with Dyvi – be both instrument and performer behind the screen. The work investigates the development and change of technology, the bridging between mediums and time as a thread.

The origin of this exploration of weaving came from an interest in the transition between technologies. How the weaving and textile industry has been a hotbed for the computer industry, and where many elements from the old technology cross over into the new. The performance with a loom is an attempt to discover, through art, what the terms duration and time can contain, how technology can be seen as a long woven thread through history with many tracks that it drags along. In term of form this becomes a motion on the scale between the condensed and the strung-out, between light and darkness, between man and machine. The performance is filmed for this exhibition and developed into an installation.


Technique: sound, video projection

Author of the idea: Anne Marthe Dyvi

At the loom: Idunn Aune Forland