Aistė Voverytė



I was fascinated by the story about women liaison agents, who hid in their hair secret information about meeting sites, passwords, newly established bunkers – hiding places, passed secret documents, etc. One and a half-year long quest brought me to choosing the subtle, sensitive, suggestive artistic form.

“Forget-me-nots” is a cycle of works consisting of nine parts, which depict long haircuts and braids that are so characteristic to Lithuanian girls. They are complemented by the ‘secret message’ I want to pass to a viewer, which contains the words from the ballad ‘When the homeland called’ about the fate of a partisan, created by the Tauras District Liaison Agent – Scout Julija Čepaitytė-Simanaitienė, under the pseudonym of Mermaid, which was published in the book ‘The Echoes of Suwalki Battles”. This ballad is dedicated to the memory of the partisan Jonas Stačiokas-Kovas. The author wrote below the ballad: "I created these lines on 10-11 July 1950, myself being without home and freedom, after losing my first true love and my truest deep loving friend, who was like a lighthouse in the subjugated homeland. I will never forget you.”

I believe the ballad is suffused with the noblest feelings. It perfectly reveals the reasons as to why Lithuanian women had also went into the woods to fight, risked their lives by becoming liaison agents. They all were united by the love to the Homeland, to brothers and sisters and to the beloved man. The work conveys the realistic image by using achromatic colours, in such way juxtaposing the present and the past. The girls of today reflect the present in the cycle. The past is reflected by the quoted historical event, the haircuts, the achromatic colours like in the old photograph.

The cycle of works is done using jacquard technique, which allows to subtly conveying a realistic image. My message is printed on using the method of silk screen printing. Thermo paints further strengthen the rendering of the secret message, since, when touched, they lose their colour and disappear.

Technique: weaving, screen printing

Materials: polyester, thermo pigment

Dimensions: five parts - 66 x 97 cm, four parts – 66 x 184 cm